The Mastermind Behind This Blog And How to Become A Part Of Her "In Crowd"

Name of the Evil Genius: Nobonita Chowdhury

Bio: A 19 year old Bangladeshi girl who has a serious case of wanderlust and literary addiction. She is currently attending a boarding school in Newcastle, Maine, and will be attending Fordham University at Lincoln Center this fall. She dreams of interning with PBTeen, Barnes And Noble, EF Tours or some top notch publisher one day, but as of right now she is exploring her options. She is also a tad bit narcissistic and expects to become the Tsarina of the world one day. 

How to become a part of her inner circle:

Twitter/Instagram : 1102Daydreaming
Snapchat: nobonita1102

She loves talking so don't feel shy to contact her! 



  1. So many pretty covers. I think my favorites would be Arise and Gravity but there are so many!!! Thanks for sharing and all your hard work here.

    laura thomas

  2. Some very intriguing artwork here! The cover for "The Archived" might be my favorite. Anyway, I'm following you now. My blog address is, if you'd like to check it out.



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